Current Projects

Park Loop Trail North and Aquatic Park Trail Connection

We are working with a consultant to design two shared-use trails segments to further improve the connectivity of our trail system. Park Loop Trail North starts on North colony and runs along the Oncor electrical easement, connecting to Squires Drive. The Aquatic Park Connection starts at Fire Station 2 on North Colony and runs in front of the Aquatic Park, connecting at Taylor Street. Both trails are in design with construction estimated to begin early 2024.

Bill Allen Memorial Park

The playground at Bill Allen was last replaced in 2004 and is scheduled to be updated based on The Colony's 20 year replacement cycle. Where the playground currently sits, every time we have a large rain the engineered wood fiber washes away, prompting closure of the facility until we can repair the damage. We are working with a consultant to replace and relocate the playground to higher ground.

West Shore Park

A new park will be built on West Shore Dr.  The park will include play areas for kids age 2-5 years and 5-12 years, a pavilion with picnic tables, a berm play area, benches, bike rack, and a small parking lot.  This park is funded in part by a grant from the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department.  

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Landscaping, Beautification & Image Enhancements

An on-going annual effort to improve our public spaces (parks, city facilities, roadways, etc.) by adding tree plantings, landscaping, irrigation and public art.

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