City Parks

The Colony is fortunate to have approximately 3,000 acres of park land including almost 2,000 acres that is leased from the Corps of Engineers on Lewisville Lake. There are 28 parks that allow residents easy access to playgrounds, picnic facilities and open play areas.

We also have athletic facilities such as the Five Star Complex, Turner St. Soccer Complex and the Little League Complex that are built for more competitive functions and all combined have 33 athletic fields.

Stewart Creek Park on Lewisville Lake provides great access to the water as well as a wonderful venue for events like Liberty by the Lake. Hidden Cove Park, also on Lewisville Lake, is great for camping adventures and boating activities. Eastvale Park is operated by Blue Sky Sports Center and is one of the premier soccer facilities in the area. Blue Sky Sports Center, Stewart Peninsula Golf, Hawaiian Falls Water Park, The Tribute/Old American Golf Club, Lasertag-DFW, and Hidden Cove Park also represent public-private partnerships where the City provides the land while a private enterprise develops and operates the facility to provide services and amenities to residents without adding to the tax burden.

The Colony also has a dog park - The Colony Pawsome Playground.

Improve Your Quality of Life - Get Outdoors

Providing parks and recreation facilities is a great way to improve our quality of life and the City takes that goal very seriously. The Community Development Corporation and the City are continuously looking for opportunities to develop new amenities and enhance existing facilities/services.

Looking for a specific amenity in our parks? The Colony Park Finder is a searchable map database that will identify parks that have certain amenities.  

Looking for a park? The Colony Parks Story Map Tour will show a list of parks, the location and amenities for each park.  

So, get out of the house and go to the park!

Visit the Parks page on the city website for more information about the city parks.

Reporting Maintenance Needs or Vandalism

To report maintenance/vandalism issues on the trails or in the parks, email the following (or visit the Citizen Action Center website):

People enjoying city parks