Trail Master Plan

A citywide Trails and Bikeways Master Plan was developed so that a trail system could be built within the city limits and have it connect to trail systems in other cities. The trails link neighborhoods, tie into Five Star and Austin Ranch, and run along the 23 miles of shoreline. All trails are ADA compliant.

Trail Information - The Colony Shoreline Trail (TCST)

Come experience more than 250 acres of wildlife habitat and park along the scenic shore of Lewisville Lake. The Colony Shoreline Trail offers more than three miles of parkland and wildlife preserve for:

  • Bikers
  • Gawkers
  • Hikers
  • Runners
  • Talkers
  • Walkers

Trail Material

The Colony Shoreline Trail is a 10-foot wide linear, natural surface trail built along the southeastern shore of Lewisville Lake. The trail winds through City parkland as well as U.S Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) wildlife management area, to connect a neighborhood park (Ridgepointe Park) on the southern end to one of the City’s leased Corps parks (Stewart Creek Park) at the northwestern end. Trailhead parking lots are provided at each end to allow visitors easy access to the trail without imposing on the adjacent neighborhoods.

Construction & Weather-Wear Components

The Shoreline Trail is designed to blend into the natural setting by using decomposed granite (DG) as the surface material. In conjunction with a product from Presto Geosystems called Geoweb, the trail design helps minimize maintenance and increase sustainability. A large part of the trail is located in USACE flood control lands of Lewisville Lake and therefore subject to flooding in severe weather, so use of the Geoweb with the DG helps improve the trail’s resistance to the elements. Also part of the “natural design,” are five pedestrian bridges that span creeks along the trail, and several concrete low-water crossings at locations that are wet during rainy periods. The bridges are made of weathering steel to provide a rustic look and the concrete crossings are stamped with a wooden plank pattern to further add to the natural experience.

Being in a USACE wildlife management area, visitors can expect to see a variety of native flora and fauna. Interpretive panels are provided to enhance the inherent educational opportunities of the area and awareness of the natural systems. These signs are intended to educate trail users about wildlife and vegetation along the trail, storm water runoff and lakes as our source of drinking water, the near extinction of the Blackland Prairie in Texas, local history as well as the history and formation of Lewisville Lake. Outdoor education classes are an important programming component of the trail, and these panels support those goals.

Trailhead Map

A map of the trail is located at the trailhead parking area at Ridgepointe Park and Stewart Creek Park. Several benches, litter receptacles, recycle containers, and pet stations are located along the trail as well. Whether you’re an avid runner, bird watcher, mountain biker, or a family looking for a great way to enjoy an afternoon, The Colony Shoreline Trail can help you get into the outdoors.